Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day #1

Last night my friend Christian came over and helped me through the steps to get this site set up. Oh so very exciting. I kept thinking about what I wanted to say, when I should have been sleeping. Deary me! This morning my 3 grandchildren [7, 4, 5 mo] arrived for Nana to take care of[. My daughter is going in for day surgery and her DH is going with her. So I have the duty! Luckily it is sunny and promises to be in the high 50's or even 60. Thank goodness for that and the nearby park.

I have been keeping pictures of quilts I have made, but unfortunately they were not on the digital camera. So I will try to figure out how to get them over here. Meanwhile, I will try to import my most recent completed project. My friend Claudia will turn 60+ next week and this is for her. It's approximately 12 inches square. For the center stars I used 3/4 inch "Thangles". Challenging.

Onward to my Nana duties.


XManNL said...

How great!

Katrina said...

Congrats on the new blog! The little quilt is wonderful and I am sure that your friend will love it.