Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday evening

We have had the strangest weather today - the weather man said it would be rain and snow.  While it was cold - 40` -  it was bright.  Then as we left the basketball game this afternoon, it hailed while the sun shone.  Ever so peculiar.

Some projects are getting completed around Casa Nana.


 Put together ready for borders,
Bindings needed on the blackwork.  What's next?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Friday already (well, almost)

Okay, okay - I fess up - I bought some fabric.  Lucky for me, I needed white flannel and JoAnn's had some (pretty decent quality) for 2/3's off.  I love that sort of discount.  Bought 6 yards.
Pellon's equivalent to Steam-a-Seam was only 50% off.  Got some of that.  Also picked up my latest Buck-a-Block and some new dark green for one of the borders around the blocks,

[These blocks you've seen before]

You might remember that I used some sticky Solvy to transfer the design on my blackwork (rather than tracing the pattern onto the fabric).  It also just occurred to me that with this, one could use a patterned background, if that seemed like the right thing to do.  Anyway, pre soak and post,
Can you see the Solvy in this photo?

 Things drying on top of the clothes dryer.
Actually, although it is usually said that one should NOT use a light binding, I find this one really works quite well.  I like it.  Sewing this one on the back by hand.  My machine sewing (of binding) is not the greatest.

And a bit of machine quilting on my China Dishes wall hanging.  This one now has a sleeve and is ready for its new owner.

This week began a cardio-rehabilitation program, three days a week.  All told, it does keep me busy and mostly out of trouble.  But I'll keep ya posted.  :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

George's birthday

Happy birthday Mr. Washington.  Have you noticed that sunrise and sunset are creeping their way - earlier and later.  Oh, how I like that. 

This week-ends' little project was the nap quilt I alluded to earlier.  So very easy, but I think it will be cute for a 2 year old.

Found this on the shelf.  The colors work just fine for a back.  [Using the stash.   Hurrah!]
I do realize that this isn't a good pattern match, but the colors work really well.  And, it is flannel which should be a cozy side to sleep under.  [yesterday, after church, there was a brass concert and she managed to fall asleep in Elaine's arms.  Oh so sweet.]

Today - I'm not sure.  May check to see if I can go pick up the February Buck-a-Block. 
The Quilting Loft has just moved into their new digs (across the street) so perhaps I need to go and check it out.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Amusing household chores

You can tell that I'm feeling better - I have been baking.  I woke a bit early and started with making some scones.  Apricot scones with an orange flavored glaze.

in my wonderful King Arthur mini scone pan.  Fortunately this recipe made enough that we had a couple for breakfast, I shared some with our great neighbors, froze some and still had a couple to have with a cup of tea mid morning.

After some good cleaning chores and a few errands and my walk, it was time to make the zucchini pineapple bread.  Again, a small taste is allowed and then the rest will head to the freezer.  Should make a good snack for after my exercise class. 

I have actually been sewing, but one is a gift and needs to be a surprise for a bit longer.  Making a nap quilt for a 2 year old (friend's daughter) and finishing up the one I started pre-surgery for my daughter's friends.  I will show you when they're done.  Life is starting to get busy again.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's happenings

Woo Hoo - I can start to drive again.  You don't realize how dependent you are on "just buzzing around" until you cannot do it.  But I now have the OK to drive myself.  [ah such little things make us happy!]

As I woke up early I did my December Buck-a-block (blocks).  This is just so doggone simple.  I had thought we were ending in January, as the sample in the shop has just 6 month's worth of blocks, but no, apparently it will go on for a total of 12 months x 2 blocks per month = 24 when complete.  Not sure I bought enough of the green border fabric.  Oh gosh - does this mean I HAVE to go shopping for some more fabric?

Using the Thangles sure makes it easy.

My watching TV project is a bit of handwork.  You will notice that the one tree isn't done, but I'll get there.
A friend is being married this autumn, so either this (all framed up and pretty) or the red and white lap quilt is likely to be our gift.

Just pinned up on the doors, but you get the general idea.  Pretty cute, I'd say.

This afternoon's big adventure is the Seattle RV Show.  Not only do I love to go and be a "lookie Lou" but our RV group will have a booth, so we are staffing that for a couple of hours.  Come by and say "Hi" if you happen to be there.  Dream on - summer will come.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday report

I am pleased to report that I went out for my morning walk ( 2 required each day, per the cardiologist) and I walked about 8 blocks.  I was puffing a bit, as the last 4 were uphill.  And it all took only 20 minutes.  So I guess it's time to lengthen the walks so I get closer to 25 minutes. 

Yesterday, we had a very fun time.  DS and spouse gave us a Christmas gift of tickets to the 5th Avenue Theater's production of Oklahoma. 
This production included the Spectrum Dance Theater as well as some marvelous soloists.  Great!

Still working on my red and white blocks, although we decided to set them a bit differently than I showed you last week,
They'll be set 4 x 5 which will make a very nice lap size when it's all bordered.  Very cheerful.  What are you working on?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday bits and pieces

Here are the promised redwork patterns.  Aren't they great?  They are designed by Robin Kingsley, with Bird Brain Designs.

Most unlikey they will get done for Valentine's Day, but one of these days.  I really like them.

Still working on my TiddlyWinks.  I am happy with the red and white color scheme,
I believe I counted 45 completed blocks.  Just 35 to go.  Most of these fabrics are from Westfallenstoffe (a German company that I visited a couple of years ago)

Sweet friend Willemijn sent me this fascinating magazine from the United Kingdom.  It is full of fresh and new ideas for collecting, making, creating.  (filled with Amy Butler type of fabrics) Great gift, thanks Willemijn.  Aren't I lucky!