Saturday, July 17, 2010

A bit of a hiatus

We are heading out in Saskia (the RV) early tomorrow morning - so blog posts will be spotty at best. We'll have the computer with us, so should be able to touch base from time to time. Good wishes to all.

Day 5

Friday was finish up any last minute details for the pajama pants and start working on the matching slippers. The slippers were NOT my favorite project. a) They didn't fit well and b) they were very difficult. They were thick, thus hard to sew and then you had to sew on a rubberized-type of material for the sole. If I wrote all the rules I'd skip that one.

Quite the week!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Days 3 and 4

Sorry - I got busy last evening and didn't get these uploaded. So bags finished and now on to PJ's

Modeling our new pajamas.

Tomorrow is finish everything up. If there is time, some of girls will make slipper scuffs that match their PJ pants. About 3:30pm the parents come for a brief fashion show of all the new PJ's.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meanwhile back at the ranch

While we have been hanging out at Sewing Camp, much has been happening at Nana's Home Sweet Home

Of course it started to drizzle (heavily) just after all the gear was up on the roof. But the guys hung around and started working by about 11am. And today when we got home,

Tomorrow will be the final inspection and sign off, but it is, for all intents and purposes, DONE! Great job. They cleaned up everything, just beautifully.

Now to enjoy the garden,

Ain't life grand?

Sewing Camp - Day #2

Today was finish up with the little tied bags,

And then we moved on getting ready to make our pajamas. Press your fabric and then lay out the pattern,

We are having a good time.

Sewing Camp - Day #1

Well, we had a great day today. The first project was a reversible bag which is tied at the top. (It requires a curved seam just like the pajama pants that we will do next) Very cute idea and the girls seemed to love it. One young lady from last year. My GD had a grand time and was patient with herself and enjoyed the day.

Today is to do some top stitching around the opening of the bag and then start to lay out the pajama pants. More to follow. . . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clever, clever folks

Isn't this just the greatest new banner heading. Many thanks to my skillful fellow blogger who helped me add this georgous heading which I couldn't seem to get the hang of. (oh bad grammar, sorry) Mostly I'm spending my time cleaning the very messy sewing room and repairing a small chest of drawers I use to store supplies. (the drawer bottom needed re-gluing and a few tacks along the back so it didn't slide when I slid the drawer open) Viola! All is returned to its rightful place and we are able to move on. Oldest GD comes this week-end as next week is sewing camp again. She says that she will be more patient with herself this year - it's hard to lighten up when you really are basically a perfectionist. Not like her grandma. :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pacific Northwest - the coldest part of the country

[Non-Quilty photos follow]
It's true, the rest of the map shows yellow and red but here we have GREEN. It is down right cold, sometimes. Friday we headed to our annual 4th of July camp-out. It requires a drive across a pass at 5400 feet - normally beautifully sunny with all sorts of green and spring flowers in the mountains. This year, it was 38` on Saturday morning up there. We were camped about 1000` lower and it wasn't a whole lot warmer. We managed to get a bit of sunshine Saturday afternoon and again Sunday morning, but my mid-day Sunday, it had clouded up again. Even got a few sprinkles of rain. Alas! We still managed to have a great time, but whine, whine, whine - I want warm and sunshine for several days in a row. I realize that the rest of the country (or much of it) is sweltering - I just would love a few here.

So here are a few snaps of the American River and some shots of the camping in the Wenatchee National Forest - really quite beautiful.