Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coming Down to the Wire

Isn't that an interesting expression. I assume it comes from the world of horse racing - but what about this one: In this neck of the woods? We were talking about that one the other day and couldn't figure out it's genesis. Hmmmmm.

So, the big holiday celebration is almost here and frankly I'm about done with whatever I'm going to accomplish. I think I have about finished everything that was on the agenda (that would be the realistic agenda, completed in the past couple of weeks - not the outlandish one I thought of in July. :-? )

You've seen two sets of placemats (son and brother). Here is #3, kids of a good friend:

Not exactly 'over the top' but dishtowels and dishcloths have been completed. (Happy hands at home)

Somehow this has proven to be the most difficult sweater I have ever knit. I can and do knit, quite competently, but had to rip out pieces of this, over and over. Crazy making. But now just have to put the buttons on and it's ready to go. My 7 1/2yo GD should be quite pleased. She does know about it, as it was supposed to be done for her May birthday, but Nana got herself a bit behind. [she even asked me about it a couple of weeks ago. I just smiled.]

Monday the Stone Soup ladies had a delightful Christmas lunch, yesterday the refugee women had an extra class to help them finish up a purse they were all making. (extra class, 3 hrs. long, but everyone finished! YEAH!) The 3 Somali women would like to continue with the sewing lessons, but the agency's grants require that they first open the class up to new students. (in a new quarter) If there aren't enough new, then these three can return. I sort of hope they can come back - as we were beginning to make some real strides in their skill development. Today is Hajj for them. Good wishes!

This morning I baked Cranberry strusel bread. There are 13 of them in those very cute little ceramic dishes from Michael's. I'd seen the dishes last year and thought oh, next year, I'm going to do something with those. [I managed to crack one of the original 14 but had just enough dough for the 13 pans. Ah divine providence.]

If I don't get back to the computer before the big day, I hope you all have a marvelous holiday time, however you are able to spend it. Family, friends, relatives, loved ones. Take lots of pictues and share them with us all.
Hugs from Nana.


Susan said...

Your presents look wonderful, and I know they'll be appreciated. The Cranberry bread sounds wonderful, and looks great in those pans.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Just saw your comment on Judy's blog and when I noticed your blog name was "Nana.." I knew I had to stop by. Anyone who calls themselves Nana is allright in my book. We have a Nana in our lives and just adore her. :)
Have a wonderful day!!

Marilyn R said...

What a great way to give baked gifts! They look yummy!

kjquilts said...

I've seen those little dishes at Micheal's. I'll have to remember your idea!

The sweater is so cute. She is going to love it!

JoyB said...

Wow and Holy Heck. That bread looks goo and so much of it. Would love to have the recipe. I just found you form the mik at Quilt A Long. Wanted to say Hi and how great your blog is. JoyB