Sunday, March 16, 2008

Returning to life as I know it

Phew! A whole week on what would be termed "normal" mode. What a change from the past few, packed-full weeks. Many memories to savor. But now, it's time to 'hit the road running'. This week I cut apart 23, 100% cotton dress shirts, a donation from a good friend. These have been washed and ironed (some soaked) and will become Christmas ornaments along with some opened-out mens' ties - a la Marti Michell. They are small log-cabin designs. Oh so cute (and as soon as I can put my hands on the book, I promise to put up a picture).

I have, however, done a couple of other things. I have been making the 1 3/4 inch nine patch blocks for our quilt groups donation quilt. These are intentionally scrappy. We haven't yet determined the setting color, but likely a blue or something dark. This is such a departure from last year's Judy Niemeyer paper pieced beauty - we will know by the amount of sales, I guess, if this was a good idea or not. Ya gotta give it a try.

I am delighted that I have started to see some progress on my neutrals quilt(based on the White Chocolate pattern designed by Deb Luttrell; August 07 McCalls Quilting). Four patch and half square triangles go together to eventually make a Sunny Lanes variation block.

Then the Sunny Lanes block is paired up with what they are calling a Double Square Block and you can see the basic unit of this quilt. I am so delighted as this is turning out exactly as I had envisioned it. It will be wonderfully muted and soft. Yeah! [what you see in the background are the floor tiles - not other quilt blocks.] :->

Tomorrow it's off to Stone Soup Quilting and then Tuesday, back with my refugee ladies. They were working on skirts while I was away, so it will be great to see what progress they have made. Life is so good!


Anonymous said...

I love your "withe choclate quilt".greetings Caro

Janet said...

So is Jesus.

Susan said...

Great neutrals quilt. I look forward to seeing the whole top. The 9-patches look great. Is that squares that are 1.75"?