Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa's Workshop

Well phaphooey - This Santa has been quite busy but I also know that some of my readers will also be recipients, sooooooo -- sorry no photos at the moment to show.  It is fun to be making things and hoping that they will be well received.  I am hoping to get some Lemon Curd made for Christmas gifts, as well.  Last year at the church's annual superfluity sale I got 8 or 10 matching jars with lids.  Perfect for Lemon Curd.  I found a couple of very nice little girl dresses from Hanna Andersson - matching ones for littlest granddaughter and the two granddaughters of my friend Kerry.  It's so nice to find nice quality, good fitting dresses that still look like little girls - as opposed to much of what is available in many stores. [just a short editorial there!]

As in years past we have put together a group of folks and "adopted" a family for Christmas.  Mom, Dad and 5 children.  On the 11th we'll celebrate by having lunch and wrapping our gifts.  They are due to be delivered to the church the next day.  This is always a fun part of our holidays.  And a happy Hanukkah this evening to those celebrating those holy days.  Enjoy!  Life is good.

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