Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm really not ignoring you

Traveling across the U.S. has surely been an amazing adventure. But it also means several campgrounds without internet access. So just know that when we get settled on Wednesday (12 August) we should be able to find internet access and I'll upload some more pictures. I have also been working on one small, quilting project, (so you don't think I've forgotten how) :-)

Enjoy August.


Ballardquilter said...

Good to read that your trip continues to go well and that you have not abandoned quilting all together for the lure of the open road. I am looking forward to the upcoming pictures.
The rain has returned to Seattle. We are glad to have it back.

Anonymous said...

We don't feel ignored, we're just happy when we here something from you, that you're still safe and having fun on your trip. bye bye Rob, Cao and Paco

Xian said...

PICS! WE WANT PICS! (And call your friends). XOXO

Ballardquilter said...

Wandering Miss Marne, when are you going to share some of your adventures with your blog fans?