Thursday, August 27, 2009

Traveling continues sans Internet

I am a bit surprised at how difficult it has been to find good Internet "hot spots". It is only very sporadically that we have been able to get online. There is always the occasional McDonalds or Barnes and Noble, but to have my camera and cable and computer when there doesn't always occur in sync.

We are leaving Michigan on Sunday and heading west on I-90. We plan on spending a couple of days in the Badlands and to see Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument. We will try for an update there. I am reassured that there are a few folks out there who haven't given up on this Nana. I promise more to come with more regularity.

Good wishes to you all.


Clothing & Textile Advisors said...

Hi Marne,

We missed you at the Board meeting. (don't worry, we knew you were on the road) We're stumbling along as best we can. Please have a great time on your trip and come home refreshed with great memories!

Iris said...

Hi Marne,
enjoy your trip !!
CU when you get back ;-)