Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Learning Day

Wednesday was the presentation at my Quilt guild from Pam and Janet of Buggy Barn. Really amazing AND they must have brought 40 quilts for us to see. Incredible display of considerable skill. They are such fun and homey, as well. Then yesterday, Thursday, was a 9-4:30 workshop with them. We were to choose any of their "Crazy" patterns and then yesterday was spent in learning how they choose fabric, stack fabric (critical to the entire process), cut fabric, shuffle the stacks of fabric and then begin to sew. I was able to complete one block (I know, I know, one block in an entire day????)

(red background flower on the left is mine)

The main part of the day was learning the process and then proceeding to execute it with lots of help. Janet and Pam just roamed the room answering our pleas for HELP. I don't think anyone had a total disaster except for the gal who didn't read her pattern correctly and didn't bring large enough pieces of fabric. Most of the patterns require fat quarters - but lots of them. My pattern called for 30 fat quarters - but I made it ALL FROM STASH! Yeah!

The two on the left (the cats and fish) and the crazy courthouse steps, are quilts they brought to show us as samples. I loved the cats and fish - it is a part of a series named for children's games. This one is "GoFish". Cute, huh?

It was a great day. Last night I finished up all my "A" blocks and my "B" blocks. Just to finish up with "C" and "D" and I can assemble them. Many thanks Janet and Pam.

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