Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving

How do you like these colors? Looking a bit more fall-ish? I have tried those very nice, fancy backgrounds, but had some difficulties so I had shifted back to this plain one. Maybe I will try again, but meanwhile a soft melon color should lead you to pumpkins and falling leaves - right?

The northwest has had one major storm after another these past weeks. Rain and wind - big time. Another one is due in today. Alas! The ski areas are happy with early accumulations,but there is lots of flooding and soggy ground. So. . . . . . one must stay indoors and create!

On Saturday I took a class on making Parols. Charming decorations - in fact I really like the plain wooden 'skeleton' almost as much as the covered ones. On Sunday we brought them into the church, at the end of the service, as an introduction to the change into advent. They will be hung on the wall at the front of the church, behind the choir. Should be pretty impressive.

The way we learned: You begin with 1/8th inch dowels which are made into a star shape, held together with very narrow strips of masking tape and 24 gauge wire. Make a second star shape and attach the 2 stars together at the points. Then 5 "spacer" pieces of dowel are added to the middle to give it depth. Then it is just a matter (easier said than done, I might add) of covering the framework with tissue paper. Obviously anything with a flame would be dangerous but they re such fun just to be hanging.

My turn to host Thanksgiving, so we will be 10 adults and 6 kids (and my house isn't that large) so it will be a wonderfully chaotic time, no doubt. I hope that you and yours find new (and old) ways to recognize the abundance we all have and be truly thankful. And for each of you, I am happy to be able to say "Thank you".

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paula, the quilter said...

Actually, plain backgrounds like these allow those folks on dialup to read your blog. And, yes, there are still people on dialup.