Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning about our history

This has been such a fascinating journey - learning about many of the stories we learned in school but had little real contact with. Today was a visit to the grave of Sacajawea. Depending who is telling the story she is buried to the west of Fort Washakie, up in the hills somewhere, or she is buried in a marvelously unique graveyard in Fort Washakie. Reputedly a local minister who had known her identified her and attested to her burial. She has a tombstone beside that of her son and adopted son. Also in that graveyard is her granddaughter. As a Washingtonian, I am well aware of the unique part that one young woman played in the "opening" of the west, by her work with Lewis and Clark, and native tribes from Missouri to Washington.

After we left her "apparent" grave site, we continued on the Wind River Indian Reservation. My gracious, but our government was not very generous in providing tribal lands of much value. Tonight we are staying in a lovely campground south of the town of Dubois (Wyoming), just off the reservation, and looking at the Wind River. We are heading north tomorrow past the Grand Tetons and into Yellowstone Park. We are actually staying in West Yellowstone and will travel through the park to get there - as other roads around are not plentiful. We were here two years ago and it will be a pleasure to enjoy its majesty again.

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