Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday at the Ocean

Our RV group is having their August event at a campground in Westport, Washington. A very cute little town with a very nice campground. It also happens that there is a lovely quilt shop quite nearby, which I have managed to visit a couple of times, already.

This is a town of fishing and lumber. A visit to the docks on Thursday managed to lead us to some fresh caught Dungeness crab - oh my gracious - that was fabulous. The main contingent of the group arrived yesterday afternoon/evening and we began the program planned for us. :-) We are playing Survivor. Last night's games consisted of shooting large red rubberbands into wastebaskets in various positions. Today we are to gather at noon and we'll learn what we are doing today. My group, the Blue Devils, is sure to be enthusiastic even if we are lacking in skills.

I mentioned the Quilter's Stash - the little quilt shop in town. They are struggling. I'm sure it is a similar plight for small town businesses where the majority of their traffic is transient. The gal in the shop said they are going to 'go back' to having an online presence and see if that helps 'fill in' a bit during the winter months. I would love to be nearby as it is such a sweet little shop and their buyer does a great job of selecting fabrics and they have lots of classes. I bought a few things and yesterday took two other RV gals there and they spent a bit. So it all helps, I guess.

Next week is the annual camping with the grandkids trip - #10. That's a long time and DD reports much excitement in their house. GS has been carefully counting down the days until we go. Isn't it amazing how we can bring such joy with something really pretty simple. And you make it a tradition and viola! And then we will actually be going home - to my own computer, a better selection of clothes (maybe not better but different) and a larger refrigerator.

This has sure been an adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, you're almost back home. enjoy your last week, bye bye Caro