Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coming up on another week-end

Oh good gracious - it's been longer than I thought, since this little blog has been updated.  Things have been clicking along pretty quickly, despite political turmoil.  But we have all survived and here in Washington we even have a couple of new twists.  We shall see how things turn out with same sex marriage, decriminaliztion of marajuana, charter schools - not to mention - we still don't know who  our next governor will be.  Hmmmm.

We had great fun last week-end (and I forgot my camera).  We visited the farm (dogs, chickens, sheep) that one of our ministers keeps.  The three bigger grands came along and we had a great time.  We also pressed some apples for super fresh cider.

Been getting ready for colder weather.  Got the winter quilts on the bed.
 And the living room re-arranged.  What the heck.

Not a big deal, but I enjoy letting things look a bit different, once in a while.  And this way, it is easy to put the Christmas Tree in the front window.  [How's that for planning ahead?]  ;-)

I did 'live it up' and bought myself a new toy.  This has been much of my time [waster]  utilizer.

It's an iPad mini.  Just out.  I have to make arrangements to attend some of the Apple workshops that help with using your Apple products.  But so far, I do like it.  The learning curve isn't quite as bad as when I first got my Mac (after many years with PC's).  But it's great to take into the sewing room - I don't usually watch things, but I love having internet radio.  Woo Hoo.

This is soup weather - so got this one going today.  And we all know that homemade soup is better reheated, so this is actually for Saturday.  Our church owns an apartment house which is made available to limited income families.  At least one of the units is vacant, so there is a paint up/fix up day on Saturday.  I sure won't feel like making supper after a day there, so this will be all set in the 'fridge for warming up.

My long-arm quilting friend Alayne provided me with 5 different threads to try out for free-motion quilting.  So I made a little "sandwich" and gave them a "go".  They are all Superior Threads and I do like them.
this is King Tut

this is Poly Quilter
Today I tried my hand at making a Christmas placemat.  I didn't have a pattern.  I was just using a photo from May Britt's blog.  She lives in Norway but writes her blog in excellent English.  Take a peak.

Not the greatest fabrics, but mostly I was just trying out sizes and order of piecing.  Now to think about making a set of 4 or 6.  I like them. 

Tomorrow is taking the motorhome in for winterizing before parking it for the "duration"  (sigh!!!) and then a University of Washington Women's Basketball game.  The Pac 12 doesn't actually start until January, but there are several pre-season games to get us all in the mood.  Onward!


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