Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sandy blocks done

If you noticed the little Sandy icon on the right side, I have committed to helping to make some quilt blocks that will be assembled and sent on to folks in the eastern U.S. blasted by Sandy.  It is really easy and feels like I can help out a bit, this way.  (who among us doesn't have more than a few scrap strips?)  I started with making 4 blocks and will send those off to the "assembler".  Then I will re-register and make some more.  Just taking it in small bites, so I'm sure to complete them.

What else?  Last week-end we helped with some clean up, fix up, rip out and re-do at the Boat House.  A former church member (she has since died) gave the church housing association an apartment building.  She had been renting it out to "needy" folks for some years.  It has now become part of the city's affordable housing program.  We fix up the apartments as they become vacant and then they are rented out as low income/section 8 housing to families in need.  Each apartment has at least 3 bedrooms (2 have 4), 1 bathroom, kitchen with space and living room/dining room.  They are light and bright and really so attractive.  I had often thought I'd love to live there.  But here are the before photos.  It will be a few weeks/months before the after photos are available.

Sunday the 6 year old grand had a birthday.  It's easy to get forgotten when you are the last in line, and it was a bit difficult to share the limelight with the 1+ year old cousin who just learned to stand, but............
New "girl" legos

peppermint ice-cream cake

You can't expect me to stand up when there's a ball to play with
Rather a busy week around Casa Nana, so will catch up again soon.

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Caroline said...

I think they will love your blocks. They're so colourful they just make you happy. Congratulations with Megan, bye bye Caro