Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Camping with the Grandchildren

Our traditional camping with the grandchildren week-end was this past Saturday and Sunday. Once again we had a marvelous time, with no major tragedies. My daughter and her 9 mo. old slept in their tent while the children slept in the motor home. We went on some little "hikes" (walks really), wandered down to the beach and looked for interesting shells and learned how to "skip" a flat rock. We took turns with the cooking, which made it easier on everyone. Each of us had our bicycles with us, so we were able to cycle around the campground more times than you can count. Luckily the campground was full of families with small children, so no late parties. It was great! Nana covers the table outside the camper. The tent goes behind the table.

No special toys needed.

On a sewing/quilty note: yesterday I visited the Family Center where there are programs for Refugee Women. I will be teaching basic sewing, with another woman, to interested participants, starting in September. I hope it doesn't feel like "too much" but am anticipating an interesting time and hoping we manage to get through our language differences. These women are primarily Vietnamese, Cambodian and Somali. That alone is challenging. As my camera battery died on the camping trip, I don't have more pictures of the children or of the Family center - but will follow up with the latter. Keep that sun shining for a few weeks more - I'm not ready for summer to be over.

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Susan said...

Sounds like a marvelous camp out! and lots of great exercise, too! I'll be looking forward to more news about the Refugee Center project.