Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crazy Exchange

Once again, my Crazy Exchangers made it Christmas on just an ordinary Thursday. I'm very lucky to have received a delightful pin/needle cushion and thread holder. Very clever how the band goes through the spools to hold them in place. Thank you Chantal.

And Miss Susan sent a wonderful assortment of embellishments: lace, ribbons, beads, fibers, cherrywood fabric pieces, a needlecase AND some exotic teas (Seven Blossoms, Magic Mountain and some I cannot read).

The rules of this exchange "game" are that now I will make something for Chantal in Belgium. I will have to think hard about what I should do [and I cannot tell you as she has this blog address, so I cannot give it away.]:->

I forgot to include this in my last posting - during our RVing week-end we had a raffle of one gal's photographs and look what I got: No, it's not a skull but a very intersting piece of driftwood. She had taken the photo at the same beach where we were staying, a couple of years ago. And the driftwood was still there, although much more worn by now.

Brenda and I tried to come up with something brilliant to use her african fabrics, with or without mine, but struck out. Nothing seemed to "play nicely" with her fabrics, colors were very hard to figure out and we couldn't find any pattern that really spoke to either of us. So now we both have a few pieces to carry around with us and see what we might find, in time, as we haunt various quilt stores. So this year's Rabour Village auction will have to do without. I did make them a lap quilt last year - some of you have seen the fabrics in some little pin cushions I made from the trimmings. I do, however, have one or two things to keep me occupied. Ha!


Pam said...

That is a nifty little pin cushion. There is a string that runs through the spools of thread? Is it one continuous string? That does seem like a good idea.

Lovely picture of the driftwood - it almost looks like a painting instead of a photo.

I am doing a quilt with African fabric. I am just mixing the fabric with black -which seems to really set up the African prints. I love the African fabric you have there. You could always make a small bag - because we could always use another bag -LOL

Munners said...

Lovely exchanges :) I have to laugh at the thought you wandering around with bits of fabric to match in your pockets - it sounds so very familiar...