Monday, August 27, 2007

"Oh the days dwindle down....."

Can you believe it? It's almost September already. Where has summer gone or perhaps we should say, did we really have a summer this year? It seems that everyone has had such peculiar weather that is surely hasn't felt like the "good ole summertime". We went camping this past week-end and between rain showers did have a beautiful sunset. We were at a place called Willipa Bay, off of the Pacific ocean. This is a huge bay known for its oysters and other shellfish. We had a fun week-end with a bicycle maintenance class, went for a bicycle ride in the misting, made a birdhouse and had a fabulous seafood potluck buffet. Now you cannot ask for more than that.

Now it's time to prepare my exchange for Marika (from Finland - see previous blog entries). She reports that she likes "simple and elegant" things. Oh dear, I'm not sure that I would describe my work as elegant - although 'simple' for sure. I was able to check online and found some freebie patterns from a couple of her favorite designers and will mail those off today. Hmmmmm. I also really am being nudged to complete a number of unfinished projects before we are really into the fall/Christmas rush. Brenda is coming over on Tuesday and we are going to be combining some african fabrics she has with some of mine, to see what we can come up with as a donation for a fund-raising auction. [See Rabour Village Project, Kenya].

Almost Labor Day holiday week-end (for Americans) and then school starts right afterwards. Time marches on, doesn't it?

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