Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Day at the Fair

My friend Patty Anne and I went to the Western Washington State Fair today. We had a marvelous time wandering around and looking. These are photos of some of the best or some of my favorite quilts. Quite worth spending lots of time looking.

And then, lucky me, Patty Anne had been my partner earlier for the gift exchange. Today she brought me several lovely gifts in return, including these with hand-made glass beads for the bag closure and on the stick pin:


Karen en Marc said...

they are amazing those quilts. My god, I really have to learn a lot. I think the first one is my favoriet, it is so beautiful. I do have a place for it lol.
I love the gift you've received, it's so original. A great idea.
Kusjes en knuffels

Marika said...

Lovely gift you have received !!! And what a fair !!!! You must become blind after all those colours !!!

Munners said...

These quilts are amazing, they're so colourful. I'm so impressed with anyone who is able to do anything like this. My poor sewing machine never gets this kind of run out :)

paula, the quilter said...

I clicked on the black quilt and all I could say was "Wow"! Do you know if it was hand, machine or fusible applique? And was the skinny little stemy things embroidery? Inquiring minds wand to know.