Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday news

You can see that autumn is coming. The cyclamen only come out in the fall. Kind of sad, but aren't they pretty? And the hydranga is drying on the stem. Cooler weather. My furnace even came on this morning.

About mid-day my doorbell rang and it was the postal carrier with a large parcel for me from Suzanne. I have been waiting for this, but Suzanne said it would be a while to wait for this large parcel. And inside the box were some really lovely gifts from Suzanne at the Crazy Exchange. A very nice pillow, with elephant fabric around the sides and a needlepoint center. Very handsome black and brown. Also, Suzanne sent me two boxes of Pickwick tea, some potpourri and a fabulous Dutch needlework magazine. (Perfect for me to try to continue to learn Dutch) This is really wonderful. Thank you Suzanne for these marvelous gifts.

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