Friday, October 12, 2007

The Rain in California stays mainly on the plain

Well, I'm here in rainy California. In fact, it started last night and continued through most of today. It has, however (8:45pm) stopped for the moment. We shall see what tomorrow brings. I left the soggy northwest expecting sun and sun, but right at the moment, no such luck.

I have no photos of the Women's RVing event - actually I have photos on my camera but forgot the USB cable. So those will have to wait, if any turned out, for next week. I'll add something just because it makes it so much more fun to read with photos.

This photo is from our vacation this past summer in Montana, on our way to Glacier National Park. I just loved these trees. We were told that they are all actually from one major root system and are like lilac suckers and just pop up in little clumps like this.

Leaving California on Sunday returning to the northwest.

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Susan said...

I hope you were there on the 13th for the absolutely gorgeous day! At least it was in San Francisco, after that day of rain. What a nice surprise!