Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Bits and Pieces

Sorry - no photos, today. Been working on the 'pink' family (below) and being sure that I have the thing in the right order. Some (many?) of my seams didn't align, so have done quite a fair amount of 'unsewing' in order to get them more lined up. I mostly used the "U" shaped pins at the seam intersections. They seemed to help some, but didn't resolve all my issues. Thoughts or suggestions?

Last week-end was the Autumn Leaf Festival in the Bavarian-esque town of Leavenworth, in the Cascade Mountains. It was cold enough Friday night that the RV furnace came on several times. It was 42` when we got up - Brrrr. But by noon it had warmed up enough that we were able to sit outdoors at a lovely Italian restaurant and watch the annual Autumn Leaf parade. There were marching groups and floats and several bands. Several small towns send their local Princesses to this parade, as well as both middle school and high school bands. Quite fun! Of course, Leavenworth has a very lovely, albeit crowded, quilt store. I did manage to find some yard goods that just called my name and a new table runner pattern. So, I feel I did my civic duty to aid the local economy. :->

Heading to northern California on Friday for the annual women RVers convention. I have never been before. Will report on our return in about 10 days. Keep sewing!!!!


Sherry said...

Don't you just love the cooler weather? I sure do! Nothing like sweater weather and cuddling up in a quilt! I had to stop quilting because of fabric allergies I developed when working at the fabric store and boy, do I miss it! I love quilts!

Stephanie said...

Well done on your bid to keep the local economies flourishing :) I was hoping that you might have a parcel on your doorstep for your return, but it looks like we've just embarked on a short postal strike - so, soon, but not quite that soon!