Monday, October 22, 2007

Return from the Sewing Retreat

I have been on other sewing retreats but was not sure I was fully committed to this one, but in fact, I had a marvelous time and managed to accomplish a lot. We arrived Friday at noon, after a quick stop in a Quilt Store on the way. Naturally I found a couple of little things that I really "needed". We began to get set up in a room with lots and lots of natural light. We did, also, bring lots and lots of Ott (type) lights which also helped a lot. Because these CTA's hope to sponsor a conference for all the CTA's statewide, we need to raise money for speakers, room rental, etc. And so each person was asked to contribute some time this week-end helping to make items to be sold at a bazaar to be held closer to Christmas. We made personal teabag holders (photo follows), bright children's pillow cases (photo) and bug catchers (no photos - but they are just like humbug bags except made with polyester screening).

And then, we were each free to work on our own things. I began cutting and did some very preliminary stitching on my "White Chocolate" quilt - and oh I'm happy with it, so far. It is very pale with minimal value differences in the fabrics, but has a warm, almost antique look to it. I love it! I also decided that I ought to really finish up the paper-pieced tree skirt for the holidays. Sadly I'm not done, but we shall see how far I get. I also added the 6 inch borders to the wedding banner - you've seen it before. But as the wedding is the 3rd, I had best be getting really busy if I want to see that done. This afternoon I will work on making the sandwich and then attach the part that drapes over the top of the table in the front of the sanctuary - my part hangs down over the front of the table. I'm sure there is a wonderful ecclesiastical name for all of this, but I don't know it.

The gal sitting next to me was making needle-turned grape clusters - ouch! What a lot of work. Amazing that she was so patient. Others were finishing up mystery quilts, a couple of husbands were getting new sport shirts, there was a new purse constructed, a couple of pairs of trousers, several quilts etc, etc, etc. This is an amazingly competent, skilled group of women.

Many stayed up way too late for me (as always happens) but we mostly were in bed before midnight and some of us were up before 7am. The Free Methodist (Christian) Camp where we were didn't seem to know what to make of us, busily focused on our machines. But how wonderful to have no other responsibilities except to play on our machines - someone else cooked (good, too) and cleaned up. I just had to crawl into my sleeping bag at night and start again in the morning. Fun, fun, Fun. But I've been doing quite a bit of wandering around - and now it's time to stay home for a bit.


Caroline said...

I think it's great to have an quilt-retrait. And I also have problems in leaving quiltshops without new fabrics etc.
greetings Caro (Netherlands)

Susan said...

It sounds like a great retreat! I look forward to seeing some of this quilt that you were working on. I'm planning on making my Moms quilt monochromatic - the CQ one with all the pictures of friends' moms, grandmas, aunts, MILs, etc. I'll be starting on it soon!

Pam said...

It is so nice to go away for a retreat and just sew and enjoy the company of other quilters.

It looks like a lot was accomplished :))