Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Center of the week

I just was noticing on the calendar how 3 days hang on one side of Wednesday and 3 on the other. Not important, but interesting. And wow, January is almost over. I never really understood what my mother meant when she talked about time flying by as we get (just a bit) older. Hmmmm.

My refugee ladies and I had a wonderful time yesterday, finishing up the aprons we have been making. They do not like photographs, thus nothing to show you. But we made denim aprons with pockets on the front. They had choices, but all chose to make the "kangaroo" type of pocket on the front. While these aren't difficult, they do require even, straight stitching and that can be very hard for a beginner. They did marvelously well. Someone has offered (me) to give them sewing machines that they could have to take home. The problem is that they all need some servicing and we're trying to find some money to make that happen. We have sent an initial "inquiry" letter to the American Sewing Guild to see if they might contribute. Any other thoughts of groups that might help with this?

But meanwhile, Grandma Karen's quilt top is done (for which I bought the nickel squares). Baby due in early March.

I had in my stash a cute smiling stars flannel that made a great border:

And my stash will provide something for a back. Voila!

Also did a sample of the applique piece using the "donut" method of steam-a-seam. (I cut out the shape then cut out the center leaving approx. 1/4" (maybe 3/8") around all the edges.) Also used a small zig-zag stitch. I notice that as compared to straight stitching, the zig zag stands out quite a bit more. So I will have to decide which "look" I'm after.

Need to get caught up with my Quilt Mom sampler squares. I did get another 23 four patches for the White Chocolate done. I think this would qualify as one of Mae Brit's (Abyquilts) Work in Progress SLOWLY. Bye Bye January!


Laurie said...

What cute quilts...also love the applique technique! Definitely using machine stitching on a baby quilt is a good thing!
ps...i found you thru barb in PA in the previous post

Susan said...

Oh, I wish I had some ideas for fixing the sewing machines! How many are there? How much do you estimate you'd need? Could you hold an eBay auction to raise funds? Would any of your local machine stores donate one fixing/servicing?

The baby quilt is really cute, and so is the gingham flower. I use the buttonhole appliqué stitch on my machine appliqué.

Anonymous said...