Thursday, January 10, 2008

January is busy already

This first full week of the month has been going by lickity split - so much to do and so much I've been doing. Phew! Last week-end was an all-day Saturday sewing day at one of my guild member's home. Very fun and oh so productive. I learned how to make blocks that I believe are called Four-Patch Posey blocks. They are not difficult once you know how and how marvelous to see how they turn out. Below is the fabric I began with, blocks, sashing and a grouping I've started with fussy cut cornerstones. I'm delighted with how they have turned out. And particularly gratifying for stash busting - this is fabric I bought at the 2nd hand store - so perhaps I get double points for this???

I have been slowly catching up with the blocks from Crazy Mom Quilts. Here are my two # 5's:

Tuesday the refugee ladies returned from Christmas break and we began with a very simple apron. Of course, it is challenging to have to read English directions and understand what all the markings on the pattern pieces mean. But there were no tears and the three who were there (#4 had another appointment) were excited to be really sewing. #4 will return next week and our new member will soon be ready to start on this project, as she is catching on very quickly. It will be a challenge to stay ahead of them. A women offered 4 used sewing machines for these ladies to have - which is fabulous - the big challenge is getting them all seen to/adjusted, whatever is required beforehand. But that's fun.

Yesterday was my "big" Quilt Guild (this one has several hundred members. My little guild group has about 15 members.) Our speaker was Heidi Lund, talking about embellishment. Gracious she is talented. I am not skilled in that area - she just looks at fabric and can "see" what to do. She makes a lot of her own fabric with layering and quilting or by painting or printing on something plain colored. She has won a number of Bernina and Sulky contests. She still works full time, as well. Oh my!

I have finished my little crazy exchange item for Valentine's (show ya later) and am trying to complete my next exchange for somewhere far away - can't tell. :-) Today I am pleased to be able to report I vacuumed! Hurrah! AND I did some grocery shopping AND I made a pan of French Onion soup for dinner. So I am feeling most righteous by now. Tonight we will watch the University of Washington women's basketball team - can't remember who we are playing. This is a "building" year - I believe is what they call it.

So, on we go into 2008. Yeah! Life is good.


Susan said...

Yes, it sounds like you have one or two things going on! Love those 4-Patch Posey blocks.

Iris said...

Looks like you have lots to do ;-) I know the feeling !!
your 4-patch posey blocks look great !

Rose said...

Wow, you are busy! Don't it feel good to accomplish so much? It has been a while since I have done anything...and if I am lucky, I might get to vacuum tonight or tomorrow. It has been 8 days today since I have vacuumed the living room!

I have had to order two different parts for my sweeper...the first one we could plainly see that the wire was broke...the one that just came today is the reset switch--we are pretty sure that it is the culprit, but will be glad when I finally know for sure.

Barb said...

Very interesting those 4-patch posey blocks, I continue to flip back and forth to see how you did them!!

WOW huge guild, but that helps to bring in really good presenters which allows for great creative ideas!!

BUSY and busier is what you are!! Barb

Stephanie said...

Oh you do make me laugh Marne :)

By the way, I dont' believe that you are capable of making an ugly quilt, I certainly have never seen photographic evidence of such on your blog :)

Definitely double points for using thrift store fabric!!

Mia from Finland said...

Oh what lovely quilts! I just love the colours! And would like to learn of quilting, never done one - yet!

Nice to visit your page!

Marilyn R said...

I just love your 4-patch Posey blocks - they are adorable!