Monday, January 14, 2008

Gray, gray Monday

Oh my gracious - it is so dark and dreary. I had to turn on lights in the living room, not normally done in the middle of the day! Yesterday was gloriously beautiful, so today is a real shock to the system. Alas, I guess it is January - oh well.

And for those of you who seem to really know how to pack a punch with your blogs, I'm jealous and I apologize. I simply cannot seem to get text and photos properly aligned. I go back and forth with the "Preview" button, but because of things down the side of my blog, they end up entirely different when you look at the real thing, versus this compose area. And I really hate it when you get text over top of the photos - and I don't know why it does that. Whine, whine, whine. Enough.

And so, still playing with my four patch posie blocks. They are just so much fun. I'm thinking that I will make a table runner with those in the center and using the whole fabric for borders. That should be pretty cute. I have finally finished the top of the pinks quilt, started months ago. Friend Ronda has the blue version. We are thinking that we might (just might) put them in the LQG show in March. More as a sign of solidarity, than confidence that they are really worthwhile. I did re-do several of the intersections and have managed to improve some of my points and corners.

I have added borders to this strange little quilt. Yes, Stephanie, perhaps you might even say "ugly". But I have a friend who is do-lally about bears, so this will become hers - those are bears on the black background rectangles. I am glad I have finally done one of these quilts and understand how to do it. I will simply choose other fabrics, next time. This is flannel and will be warm and snuggly. Too weird!

Finished sewing down the binding on my Crazy Exchange item - but cannot show you yet. I will photograph it and show you in a bit. March will be my blogaversary - so how might we commemorate that? As I will get to do a bit of traveling, I was thinking perhaps I could find some fabrics over there for a person who commented on that date. Not so much of a treat for the Dutch and Belgian women, but maybe I could find something else for them. I realize it's a way off, but I have to think about it while on my adventure if I intend to find some new fabric. I'll figure out how to do this.

Tomorrow is Crazy Exchange UFO day - I'll have to haul out something from the bottom of the pile and see what I can get re-enthused about. (is that a real word?) Also trying to plan for hand work to take on the plane with me - 10 hours is a looooooong flight. But ain't it fun? Lucky me! Life is good!


Stephanie said...

Life is good indeed! And I don't think it's ugly, perhaps vibrant is a good word :)

You're going to have such a wonderful time in the Netherlands!

I ordered an armful of quilting fabrics - I'm gonna learn!! Well, I'm goingn to TRY to learn :)

Caroline said...

Hi Marne, when you come to the Netherland you really must visit the Haan & Wagenmaker in Amsterdam, they have very special fabrics. Sorry I can't visit you in Antwerpen, we're moving a friend. greetings Caro(line)

loulee1 said...

Congrats on your finish.

We've had some very dull and dreary days here too. Never mind, we're past mid winter, we're on the way up now.