Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having a wonderful time - wish you were here

My holidays started in the Netherlands with a visit to my friends, Goos and Jos. We got to visit the Saturday market and yes, I did find some fabric, as well as some fabulous Dutch cheese and some fresh fruit. We visited the St. Jan´s Kathedral - an incredible gothic church - catholic in its current incarnation.

Sunday we spent time doing a ¨spring¨cleaning in their garden patch. It is beside a small stream with a pasture of Shetland ponies behind. As you can see, we had spectacular weather, albeit cold.

The neighbors are growing white asparagus - grown underground.

On Monday I caught the train to Anrwerp, to visit with Karen and Marc and their children, Alexander, Rudyard, Sophie and Senne. More to follow - life is good!


Greenmare said...

it all looks just lovely! Lucky lucky you to have such adventures!

Passionate Quilter said...

Looks like you are having fun! I DO wish I were there too! Tell me, tell me...did you find your Dutch shoes yet??

Pnk and Barbara said...

I hope you will have a wonderfull time! I miss holland..

Yvonne said...

It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing--keep it up...I'm living vicariously through your adventure. LOL

Janaina said...

Yaaaay! Love pics! Yours are great! Enjoy each day!:o)

kjquilts said...

I wish I was there having a wonderful time too!