Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quiet Sunday

Oh, it is nice to have a totally "down" day - nothing required. Just a quick check in with you. The regular events have been happening this week. Wednesday evening was the Stashbusters Quilt Group - regular simi-monthly gathering. We are working on our nine patches for the quilt we will donate to "cover" our rent. I believe the pattern is called Oklahoma 9 patch - with the lighter colors in the 1 and 3 positions. The colors are fairly muted, plain and patterns.

Blogger is having troubles with photos this afternoon - we'll see if it can manage any more. In addition to our 9 patches, folks are working on various projects

- even finishing up a Christmas wall hanging. Oh well, you know how it goes, somtimes.

I've been working on #2 of three baby quilts that are on the "due" list. Is everyone having babies right now? So giving this one a trial - see how I like it. It is much softer and more pleasant to a little "pea".

I won't get this completed before I head out of town, but that isn't all bad. Earlier I visited Barnes and Noble, nearby, to buy some quilting magazines to take with me. It was the one thing that an internet friend in the Netherlands asked for. Also found some cross-stitch magazines for another friend in Belgium. Won't it be fun? Just to have enough room in my suitcase for a few clothes, but leaving gifts behind means space in my suitcase to bring one or two things home with me, right? All American quilting/needlework supplies are so very expensive in Europe, this is an easy thing for me to bring along. I have a new 2 GB card for my camera so intend to find lots of photo-ops.

I will try to blog on my journey (I'll take the camera cord) and will return here March 9th - with stories forever. Life is soooooo good!


Barb said...

How fast the time has passed to prepare for your trip! Enjoy and yes please do take lots of pictures! SAFE TRAVELS TO YOU!

Yesterday *blogger* was also having problems with pictures loading, for a period of time I had the *red x* in my picture spots too. Eventually the pictures did show up.....I will return to check on your pictures for today!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward (Jacqueline and me, and of course my husband Rob and dog Paco) to welcome you again in the Netherlands. Hope the weather will be just as good as this weekend. I think life is wonderfull!!! greetings Caroline

jacq said...

I wish You where here allready, looking forward to meet you!

Susan said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip and find something unique that you just can't leave behind. I can't see your pictures (on Wednesday) but maybe they will still show up later. I look forward to seeing your pics of your journey and hearing the stories.

Passionate Quilter said...

boo hiss...blogger still isn't showing your pictures! And yes, great idea of filling your suitcase of goodies, leaving you lots of room to get stuff! :) I can't wait to hear about YOUR trip now!

Teresa said...

Hi and I too love a quiet Sunday! I am making the rounds for the first time on the More Quilting Fun webring and just wanted to say hi. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...