Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"I am a material girl. . . . "

I really do try to think of cute, little titles for these entries - believe it or not. As a child, my father would always write the tags for the Christmas packages, and each would be a clue as to what was inside. I thought that was so clever and wanted to be able to do the same thing. So can you guess what I'm writing about today?

On my way home from the CTA classes I pass a Goodwill store. I will often stop in to peruse the aisles for any left-over fabrics. Gold mine this week! Found a very nice, soft yellow-tan. I was sure it was cotton, but after washing it, I did a burn test - and no polyester. And the best part: approximately ten yards for two dollars and fifty cents. Yup! It had a pink tag and it was 50% off. Fabulous, no?

I was able to get a few photos with the sewing class. These ladies are very reluctant about having their pictures taken, but allowed these as they were for my purposes only. The locale of the center where we teach the classes, the sewing classroom (with another teacher and one student), our field trip to the (most unusual) fabric store, yesterday, two of my students with their selected fabrics and other items for sale at the store.

This particular fabric store specialized in fabrics for unique markets: Pakistani, Indian, Cambodian and Vietnamese, African, etc. Lots and lots of beaded and embroidered fabrics, silks, crepe, chiffons, etc. Only a few wools and cottons and flannels. Lots of stretch velour and 80" hawaiian prints and a wall full of beading and items to decorate your creations. It was quite amazing. And it was cheap! I think the most expensive thing I saw was a wool gaberdine, 60" wide for $7/yd. You will then not be surprised to learn that I did find a couple of things that just called after me: two different flannels for the myriad of baby quilts I'm having to produce just lately and a crepe backed satin for a replacement lining for one of my favorite wool jackets. [the jacket was fine, but the lining was in shreds]

Can't get the flannel picture to copy over. Oh well, another time. Happy fabrics.

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Lottery Girl said...


That fabric store sounds wonderful! I think it's so sad how so many stores have closed, as there doesn't seem to be as much of a demand anymore.

I also love the post about your "find" in the attic. Those items are awesome! Really enjoyed that post as well.