Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Another week has gone flying by and I've been doing my best to keep up. How did I ever find time to work, with all the rest of these things that are going on? So to back up: CTA training (I think I'm a week behind in reporting) May 5 we learned about color and design, body proportion and fabric pests (yuk). This past Monday was a regular CTA meeting and the training portion covered threads. (2 hrs. worth)

Last Saturday was "collecting" on an auction item I had purchased over a year ago. A local chef came to my home, along with the 4 other co-purchasers and we made ourselves dinner. No ordinary dinner, mind you - we started with Panzanella (bread salad), pumpkin gnocchi with sage/butter sauce, osso bucco with onion confit and braised fennel and for dessert a poached pear with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce. We also had delightful adult beverages to go along with the first 3 courses. I think every pan and dish in the house got used, but it was fun. 3pm until 9pm.

Sunday, Mother's Day, was very nice. I had received beautiful lavender roses from my son and daughter sent a card (and we chatted on the phone). [she is just finishing up a course on web design AND is mama to my 3 best grandkids!] After church we had tickets to the Symphony Pops series - the last of 5 concerts. As it was the last one, we decided to use our swap coupon and changed our seats from our regular ones in the 3rd balcony, to 'best available'. We were on the main floor, Row L. Perfect! It was all Romantic music from the movies. Such fun!

This week has been trying to pull things together. #1 tidying the sewing room. I realize that I am really very lucky to have a whole room, just for me, where I can leave all my sewing things - tidy or not. But one could hardly get through the door, so it was time! The fabric shelves, while not as beautiful as Karen's she did have some help. (whine!!!) I also managed to get all the fat quarters (and similarly sized pieces) into the little drawer unit I bought myself last year.

Tuesday night when shopping at Costco, I located a box with 225 plastic sheet protectors - perfect for holding those quilt patterns I have downloaded or scribbled on little pieces of paper (and can't find later). In fact, I stuck them into notebooks and now have several on the shelf. When Caro arrives in September she is going to have lots and lots of reading/looking for those nights when she can't sleep because of jet lag. :->

Here are the little flannels I found at the unique fabric store. One has actually become a little blanket for my physical therapist's new baby. Lucky I finished it this week, as he said I'm "finished", as of yesterday. Good news, really. No more P.T. appointments.

Just because I wanted to see how it would look, I took one of the nickel packs I had bought and made a little sample. Of course, I can't remember a specific name, but you know the one I mean: make a 9 patch, crosscut it into 4 pieces and reassemble it. It's kind of cute. Now I just need to figure out what is next.

Today is take the car into the Ford dealer - change the brake fluid. I need some hand work to do. Then going to take a look at a camping place south of here. I'm responsible for all the sites for next year's (2009) RV monthly rallies. It's turned out to be harder than I anticipated. We are a large group and many parks don't want to be bothered with week-enders. They much prefer (understandably) full-timers or at least long-timers. Doesn't make my job easy. Alas! But at this point, we are still going - high gas or no! Life is good!


méri said...

It sounds very, very good what happened last Saturday!!!
Good week-end!

Quilter from Ballard said...

Great job with your sewing room. Did you really get everything off the floor?

Stephanie said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with your stash tidying - well done. Oh, to have a sewing room.... :) Maybe when we move back to Canada I can stipulate one ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have my own sewing room in september in our new house. I think I'm also going to tidy my fabrics the way you do. Bye Bye Caroline