Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Wednesday

It seems that I have several bits and pieces on this day after my birthday. :-)

a. I drew names from my commenters for my 100th blog entry and Marika I will make something for you. I don't know what just yet, but I know a bit about you, so will try to think of something that you will like.

b. Stephanie has certainly confirmed her membership in the Over-Achievers category. Many moons ago she had offered to do a P.I.F. (pay it forward) gift and I had left my name. On my birthday I discovered a parcel on the front porch and it contained:
(photo transfer is not working at the moment on blogger - I'll try again) Stephanie sent this and this and this. Imagine. Lucky me! [3 photos]

c. I helped fellow Stashbuster, Alayne, to install new wheels on the rails and the carriage of her APNQ longarm machine. It proved to be a much more difficult task than either of us had envisioned. And so over the course of 3 days we worked on this. She said it still does not feel quite the same as it did before, but she's giving it a try.[2 or 3 photos]

d. And one of those efforts will be on White Chocolate on which I have finally gotten the last two borders. Everyone of you (and me) will be so happy when we can say "fini" and it comes to reside on my bed. [1 photo]

e. Grandchild #3, Megan, got a quilt when she was born, but will soon be 2, so Nana is completing another for her. As the third child, she doesn't have to talk too much - those two older siblings can do it all for her. So this is to encourage her to say more things (although her receptive vocabulary is great). I loved Dick and Jane and now perhaps she will too. [1 photo]

Sorry about the photo part. I will try later on, but for now it has failed 4 times, so I'm going ahead with the words and will catch up with the photos later. Thanks for stopping by.


Marika said...

Wow, I´ve never ever won anything in any blog !! I am soooo excited ! And late congratulations for your birthday !!

méri said...

Better late than never congratulations for your birthday!

Stephanie said...

So sorry that the photos aren't working, but glad to hear the PIF (FINALLY!) arrived with you - sorry I've been so delayed in getting that sent! Hope it was okay, my zipper finish left a bit to be desired I fear :(