Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lazy, hazy Days of Summer

Well, no, I didn't fall off the face of the planet, but somehow the days have been chock full and rushing past and I haven't caught up for a while here. Not too much sewing going on.

Over the 4th of July, we went dry camping. For those of us with motorhomes, that means no electricity, no running water, etc, etc. We did manage just fine. I used the new lantern style flashlight I bought, hung on a hook over the sink. Terrific. We had a bit of drizzle on Saturday night, but othrwise, it was just great. We were on Hwy. 410, over Chinook Pass. This pass had only been opened for a couple of weeks, because they got so much snow over the winter. Thus there were lots and lots of flowers and things were very green. Some photos:

These adventures were followed by new adventures on Monday. In the morning I arranged to pick up 5 1/2yo grandson for a 3 day visit with Nana. As usual he was on his very best 'behabior' and we had a terrific time. Multiple trips to the park, some splashing in the wading pool, lots of 'wing on the wing'. [that translates to swing on the swing]. On Tuesday we rode the city bus (a 'bendy' bus, i.e. articulated bus) to downtown and visited the central library. Many interesting things to see, as well as some wonderful yellow escalators to ride up and down. He fell asleep on the bus ride home. We went out for dinner of fish and chips beside Lake Union - with no end of things to see: boats and bridges and ducks and geese. Stop at 31 flavors and it was time for bed. The child obviously was exhausted as he slept for almost 12 hours and then was playing quietly in his room/bed with the assorted stuffed animals that live there. Wednesday morning we went to the University of Washington Burke Museum. Obviously he only has limited attention span for all of that, but enjoyed seeing the dinosaur bones and opening the drawers in the natural history part of the museum. Nana really enjoyed the photo exhibit on polar bears, although he wasn't just overwhelmed. Then it was time to catch the ferry home and mama and baby sister waiting for us. I'm exhausted, but we had a great time.

The head of Stone Soup Quilts has been in Burundi (Africa) since mid June and we have been trying to carry on without her. I have brought home several quilts and have been sewing bindings. She returns today and Monday is our friend Sharon's Memorial Service. We are trying to complete any quilts we still have unfinished that Sharon designed. She was most talented and we want to have as many as we can round up at her service. Here's the one I'm working on at the moment.

Beautiful no? We will miss her in so many ways.


méri said...

I only read and I'm tired!!!

The quilt is beautiful but you have there a happy, nice and great boy! Congratulations, Marne!

(have you received my e-mail about the photos?)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely you and Owen must have. You're a great granny. groetjes Caroline

Ballard quilter said...

Owen looks so happy to have big boy alone time with his grandmother.

Janaina said...

The biggest smilles ever! =D