Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm whining

So, the class for the African ladies is finished and it was time to clean out the cupboard where we keep our materials. Over the year, things got in the wrong boxes and mixed up. There were many items that we found we did not need or use. And there is the proverbial problem of fabric. Norma and I met at the center and began the task. Oh my gracious. We gave 3 large bags of extraneous fabric and patterns and notions to the Goodwill. But the whine. . . . . people, intending to be generous, I'm sure, make donations, primarily of fabric to the program. Our task yesterday was to go through the old stuff and then sort through the new. Today no one wears dark brown polyester double knit! Faded blue velour isn't popular. Lining fabrics can only be that - lining. And then there was the box that had been thoroughly doused in moth balls. I brought home a garbage bag full and washed it, trying to get the smell out. So here are some samples:

Who in their right mind would think these were appropriate for ladies who wear burkas (bui bui, hajab - whatever you call them)? They would draw way too much attention to the wearer and are just perfectly wrong! So I am arguing with myself trying to appreciate that these folks tried to do the right thing, but honestly what were they thinking?

I have been working on my matchbox exchange (crazy exchange is exchanging things that can fit into a matchbox.) Cute idea, heh? That will be mailed mid August. Can't show you yet. And then by mid September, there is the autumn exchange - again, can't show you. Just have to reassure you that I am doing things with fabric.

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Ballard quilter said...

The Ballard quilter and the Houston non quilter actually like the wild fabric featured on your blog. We would love to take it off your hands!