Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Friday

Such a dreary, rainy Friday morning around here. However, the weather man promises a major improvement by tomorrow. I sure hope he's right. So what's up? We had some friends over for Easter dinner and had a great time. We even managed to fit in a quick game of Carcassonne - the game that Rob and Caro gave us when we were in the Netherlands. [thank heavens Rob translated all the directions from German into English, so we had something to refer to when we had questions.]

On Tuesday, Ronda took the day off work and we had a mini-quilt retreat. Neither of us could go to the retreat that the guild was holding (this week-end) so we decided to simply have our own little event. We had to begin with coffee and pastries:

Ronda was working on a quilt she is finishing up for her daughter's college graduation - all tans and beiges. I was trying out a vision that had been ruminating in my head for a while - using a variety of different African fabrics, as half square triangles with black as the other side.

Isn't Ronda's lovely? I, on the other hand, was not too clever. I tried using one of those iron-on interfacings pre-marked with triangles to sew and then cut. Dummy me - I ironed it onto the sewn strips - instead of onto the FLAT black side. I had no end of troubles with bumps and moving and slipping and sliding. But.....
in the end I did manage to get my triangles together:

It's a pretty cute idea and I think it will work. Another time I will be smarter (hopefully) ;->

And then suddenly it was time to pack up and quit for the day. We surely need more of these little mini events. It's so pleasant to have the whole day to just sew and of course, that most important part - having time to 'catch up'. [Ronda and I used to be co-workers]

I have been playing with these triangles but not yet sewn them together. However, I did have a free hour yesterday, so I got caught up with my April exchange squares. Lisa, Miriam and I (from the RV group) makes squares to swap. This month our colors were brown and tan. So these are all sewn and merely need to be squared to 5 inches. I think May is black and white. This is certainly an easy, easy exchange. We have been doing this since last fall and may not have a full bed's worth, but soon will be able to think about what shall we do. [We exchange 8 per person per month. So 16 plus my own, I already have a respectable collection.]

I certainly hope that you are having a pleasant and productive spring.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's a busy spring. Started another split ninepatch with some charmpacks I already had. Can't show you pictures, Rob took the camera on holiday. groetjes Caroline