Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Friday

For a day that I thought was going to be very slow and quiet, I managed to fill almost every minute. This morning I finished up with the 'lap robe' I'm making. Every year our RVing group has a fund-raising auction Memorial Day week-end. I am the president this year, so felt like I wanted to make a tad-more-than-usual donation for the auction. You know how you get ideas in your head but then trying to figure out how to make them a reality isn't always easy. And so, I purchased a lovely, very soft fleece-type of throw and decided to applique on it. That was where I kept getting stuck. I read an assortment of articles and looked at books, all about fleece and even some 'how to applique on fleece' but nothing seemed to work exactly as I thought it should. I finally took the logo to Kinko's and blew it up several hundred percent and then used that to make patterns of the pieces. While on my way to Jo-Ann's to buy the fleece I needed I happened to stop at the Goodwill and there I found the pink and purple I needed [$1.99 apiece]. So I only had to go retail for the green and yellow both on a 30% off sale. I made the pattern pieces out of freezer paper and then traced around them with a fine sharpie, then cut them out inside the black lines. By the time I turned them over you couldn't see any markings on them. I used color thread on top and clear in the bobbin. You will notice that my sunbeams moved a bit, but oh well - everything was so soft and squishy (and moveable).

Now this may sound entirely too dramatic for those of you who are good at this, but applique is not my best skill, so I was astonishingly apprehensive. But shortly before noon I finished up and have to say that I am satisfied with my donation.

To wind down I continued with my cutting squares and strips - mentioned in previous posts. I'm working my way through my zip-loc bags of various colors. Making strides.

This way they take up so little space in the drawers. I just love it!

The phone rang and I was supposed to be helping out in the church office this afternoon and I forgot. I managed the fastest clothes change, a little make-up and a hair comb and I was off. I got home about 4pm. Waiting for me on the counter was the bowl of cookie dough that I had decided to start earlier, in a fit of some sort. I truly can't remember the last time I made cookies. Cakes and pies, sure, but cookies not for a very long time. But somehow I just had a hankering. So a spicy cookie with apple chunks and walnuts - yummy.

I'm tired! It's been busier than I anticipated about 14+ hours ago. Yeah for the week-end.

p.s. I know why I don't make cookies - it's because I just eat them.
Those two are gone now. :-?


Anonymous said...

That's a real busy friday, love your gift you made for the RV-group, I think it turned out very well. groetjes Caroline

KC Quilter said...

Wow, that is a beautiful piece! Good luck with your RV group auction. BTW, I found the cloth prefold diapers a couple of years ago at Wally. I bought a couple of packages so I'd have them on hand as they are not that easy to find. I think BabiesRUs and other places that carry baby things might have them.