Monday, May 4, 2009

"Monday, monday - can't trust that day"

So far it has been a rather pretty morning, but the weather guy on TV promises big storms by this evening. Oh yuk! I believe his words were something like "more like November than May" - doesn't that just sound swell?

I have been doing a bit of sewing as well as a bit of camping - it is that time of the year, you know.
So, I've begun to add the borders to the split 9 patch made from the pre-printed fabric. Really pretty cute. By adding the borders it will become large enough to make a Stone Soup quilt.

Bless Bonnie Hunter (she is soon becoming my very best pattern provider) and her Majestic Mountains pattern. I just tried this out with some shirting fabrics I had. Lesson one is don't use strips or be sure they all go in the same direction - makes you dizzy, otherwise. But I do just love this pattern and will be back really soon to making more of these.

I still like the cut-up shirts, just need to pay attention to how I use them.

Over the week-end we had our second Women's RV group outing. We just always have such a great time and this was no exception. Friday was fabulous weather and everyone so enjoyed sitting outside. Sadly it started to rain (and I mean RAIN) during the night and by Saturday morning it was hard to walk around and avoid the big puddles. Some of the folks went out on a whale watching boat trip. (they only saw a few spouts - is that the right word - quite far off) Luckily no one was sick and the water was very rough. Some of us stayed home and just enjoyed sipping a cup of tea and hand sewing. Ah relaxation! I'm starting on my 'Leanne's House' clone.

Saturday evening we had a "belated" Easter egg hunt - our planners hid over 100 eggs and after dinner folks were to find them. There were 11 door prizes (ID'd on your egg) all donated by the park - bless them, and chocolates, candies and "Marne money".

Yeah, that's me. The idea is that this money is spendable at our auction next month -our biggest fund raiser. [see what fun you have when you are the president - famous or should I say infamous?] It was a clever idea.

Seafood potluck dinner - with our own ice sculpture, the club house with "party" lights, a hot game of Carcassonne after dinner and a collection of items for the local Human Society - they specifically asked for "cat" things. Sunday donned sunny with blue skies so it made "breaking down" a much more pleasant activity. Everyone headed home. We will gather again for Memorial Day week-end, near Mt. St. Helen's. Oh such fun.

Life is very good. Lucky me!

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