Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"

As has happened only 4 other times in the past 20 years (according to the weather guy on TV) we had 3 sunny days (together, in a row) over Memorial Day week-end. Amazing. More than 80 gals came along for our annual long week-end trip, near Mt. St. Helen's. (of volcano fame - but long ago) and we had a great time. Potlucks and table games, our own unique version of a triathalon and our most successful fund-raising auction, ever. As I'm the president this year, I wanted to be sure that we made some profit, but it was fabulous. Our members were generous with their donations (to be auctioned off) and really got into the swing of bidding for things. So we finished the evening (Sunday) with over $3100. Isn't that spectacular?

I got busy and then my camera batteries died, so only have a few photos, but you can see how lovely our weather was and some of the silent auction activity. [no sewing this week-end]


KC Quilter said...

Wow, that is great! Congratulations. Oh, and by the way, that is one of my favorite John Denver songs.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you all had a wonderful time. groetjes Caroline