Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fabric did cross my mind, some of the time

While it is true that we drove almost 5000 miles over the past 6 weeks (Caro -that's almost 8000 km) I did have "fabric thoughts" on occasion. So just to prove my point, this is the little table mat I completed as we drove along. I had bought this whole cloth piece at the Houston Quilt Show, a couple of years ago. It seemed that it would be a good way to have to practice my hand quilting and I could do it while we drove along - well not when I was driving, but when sitting in the passenger seat.

I also was able to do some work on the Bonnie Hunter Christmas Mystery when we were parked. It was a bit small in the motorhome, but we quilters are highly skilled at making "do" and I was able to get quite a bit done. In the wooden tray, there are also some of the pieces of a Lynette Anderson BOM.

I also brought along a table-top ironing board and my 'travel' Rowenta iron. Ever resourceful! Iron some clothes after washing AND iron my patches.

One day we had a field trip to Shipshewana, Indiana. What a very charming town - albeit highly tourist driven. The Amish buggies skooting to and fro, just made me smile. Even the buildings are decorated as part of the theme.

While visiting in Michigan we found a quilt that Elaine's mother had made. No one is sure when it was made or for whom, so guess who became the new owner? [the guess is the 1960's and me :-)] It's about twin size and will be fun on the bed, on top of another quilt.

Never let it be said that Judy Laquidara is the only one with a passion for farm produce (I'm just joking! She never said anything of the sort, but I did think of her as I shopped at the fruit stand.)
I also thought of her when visiting Wheat Montana and just had to try more of their products. Last year it was White Whole Wheat flour. This year it was Spelt flour.

So while the 14 loads of laundry are spinning around (maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's close) I will be doing a bit of cooking and baking. Tonight it was peach cobbler. More to come.

Life is soooo good!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely your both home, love your pictures. bye bye Caro