Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harriet Homemaker

Oh my goodness, but I have just been an extraordinarily busy little homemaker (at least that is for me). Remember: I'm the girl with the wallhanging that reads: "Angel of the kitchen, please cook while I'm stitchin'." So I thought I'd share some of what I have been doing. It really is quite gratifying to see the results of these efforts, so forgive me if I sound like I'm bragging.

When traveling across the country, we stopped at Wheat Montana in Three Forks, MT. They have a marvelous deli and store selling all sorts of wheats. This bread is made using spelt flour, with a recipe from their website. It uses spelt flour, rye flour, white flour and some rolled oats. It's quite tasty (I had to try just a tiny little corner after it came out of the oven). Yum.

I also managed to acquire a package of barley. So cooked that up and tomorrow I will work on making a pot of soup. The weather is turning very cool in the mornings and evenings, so soup is sounding better and better.

A popular family favorite is (sweet) red pepper jelly. Really very tasty and not too difficult. This doesn't look like lots, but it is actually 2 batches of the recipe and the peppers were so large it only used 4 (I bought 10 - on sale) This is normally served as a dollop on top of a slice of colby or a mild cheddar cheese on a cracker - our favorite is Wheat Thins. Oh my - you could eat these and just skip dinner. When my now 30-something son lived at home, he even helped make it one time, he liked it so much.

I have been sewing but cannot show you yet as it's a something for a crazy exchange person [once it arrives I can show]. Oh yes, and I'm continuing to finish up my blocks for the September/October step of the Bonnie Hunter Christmas mystery from Quiltmaker.

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