Friday, October 9, 2009

Doin' stuff

Oh it has just been a lovely day. I started the morning deciding that I would make some bread. As you may have noticed we are a pretty "Dutch" household and this is one of our favorite cookbooks (if you don't know, this is what you say to fellow diners at the start of meal. Loosely translated as 'Enjoy your meal' - in Dutch) I found a recipe that said it was for Sweet Rolls and Saucijzebroodjes (Pigs in a Blanket). I made half a recipe and still had enough for a dozen sweet rolls (cinnamon and raisin) and probably a like number of sausage rolls. (I couldn't find the best shape for them, so tried several versions - as you can see)

I can't wait for breakfast time to try the sweetrolls- or might I need a late night snack with a cup of tea?

As autumn is moving in, we have been having some marvelous sunsets, so you can enjoy the view out my front window this evening:

In between kneading the bread (it required 3 risings!) I worked on some Christmas ornaments I'm making - can't show you just yet, as they are for an exchange. Also I'm reading the latest Diana Gabaldon book, "An Echo in the Bone". She happened to be in town on Tuesday so I was able to go hear her. Much was a repeat of what I've heard her say before about how she got started, but enjoyed her reading a part of the book. I didn't need to have my copy autographed - the lines were much too long. Oh my - busy doin' stuff.

Ain't life good?


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I think you having a dutch household is an understatement ;). You probably more dutch than the dutch :). bye bye from your dutch friend Caroline