Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Time Gone

[Long post - sorry]
I haven't actually been gone, but life has been right up there with frantic for the past several weeks - not all bad, just incredibly busy. So apologies for being gone so long and hopefully I can get caught up.

The second week of October was all sorts of things: have the carpets cleaned, Stone Soup, haircuts, take the RV out for service, lunch with a friend and pack as 5:30am on Monday morning the shuttle arrived to drive us to the airport. We were off to San Antonio, TX. The national body of our women's RV organization was having their national meeting. Now 97 and 97 (heat and humidity) was just a bit too much for this web-footed girl - that was Monday through Thursday. However by Friday it cooled down to a very comfortable 77` with a bit of breeze.

BBQ buffet -either brisket of beef or chicken. Pretty tasty.

Pretty lake, but watch out for Water Moccasins - snakes!

Got home and had the early part of the week to do some catch up and pick up the motorhome. Tuesday night we got a phone call from my SIL that my daughter and grandson (6 y.o.) had been taken by ambulance to a childrens' hospital about 30 miles away, as they suspected that he had appendicitis. Nana stayed with Mama and the little guy until he went up for surgery at 1:30am. Turns out that his appendix had burst, so he was on several days of heavy antibiotics. Thursday we left for Rockport, WA - on the North Cascades Highway. A very nice campground right on the Skagit River. As I have been the president, this past year, for my Washington state Women's RV group, I really had to be there for the last meeting of the year and election of next year's officers. My cellphone didn't have any reception but bless the gal right next door and with her service I got regular updates on how the little guy was feeling.

> Old cabin located on the grounds.

Cascade Foothills

Skagit River

Returned home as early as we could on Sunday and Nana went to spend the night at the hospital (Mom was home with the other 2 kids and dad was working). Now it is not a surprise to many of you that one cannot possibly actually sleep in a hospital. Either the alarms on the machines delivering the medications are sounding or the nurse is coming in to check on the patient, as well as the respiratory therapist and the gal doing the blood draw. And the vinyl chair/bed provided was well. . . . . . less than desirable. But we did make it and he was finally released about mid morning, with 2 more weeks of antibiotics at home, plus one tired Nana!

However, I have also managed to find a bit of time betwixt and between to do a few sewing projects. YEAH:
Wim finally has a nose and eyes. I started him at Caroline's in March and at last he is 'whole'. Don't you love the little sweater that Caro's mother made?

These are stitched (I have made 4) and then backed and stuffed and made into a little hanging pillow. Very cute - again thanks to Caro for directions.

A little something (wall hanging?) for the "grands". I had bought the one panel with several grandchild sayings and then have used scraps from friend Ronda for the borders and bindings. Use it up!

And on Friday, big hurrah, I am off for 3 days of sewing. The CTA gals are having their annual sewing retreat - this time at Camp Houston, in Gold Bar, WA (if that means anything to you). I believe there will be 30 of us. And my plan is to attack (with vigor) my collection of Christmas things. I have been keeping them together ready to finish up. So several table runners and a wall hanging, at least, should come home completed. (I hope)

With luck, all will now begin to slow down. I have also been preparing a couple of things for an exchange partner but cannot show you that, just yet. Hope that fall is treating you well, all are healthy and it feels like life is under control. Life is good!

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Caroline said...

Busy time, glad your back on your blog. I missed you. bye bye Caro