Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where is my kite?

Today is a perfect day to be outside flying a kite. It is cool and crisp, a very blue sky and quite breezy. Really just lovely.

It was also the perfect day to take ourselves to the movies (bioscoop) - perfect in terms of there being the right break in activities and plans to put that in the schedule. Hurrah! And the perfect movie for a blogger, we went to see "Julie and Julia". How grand!

Yesterday was a very fun sewer/quilter day, too. A group which I didn't know but they put on a consignment stashbusting sale. Photos below - there were several tables of fabrics. Many cottons but even more cotton blends, polys, knits, and home-dec fabric. There were also tables for knitters, sections for books and patterns, tools, accessories and "what nots". There even were a few tables of by-the-pound scraps. The business card of the proprietor lists the business as The Art Brokeress and her title is Chief Art Brokeress. It was their secoond effort at this kind of sale and they will have another in the spring. What a clever idea -if you have things to sell, you rent space for $10. Otherwise, you come and buy. I know, I know - I don't really need anything but found some baby fabrics for $3, some fabrics for a quilt I want to make for my daughter ($5) - even found the 3/4 yard of "really ugly fabric" I will need for our Christmas exchange.

I have finished my blocks for the Christmas mystery - now just to wait for the final installment of that. I have finished a crazy exchange (a new gift) and finished a return gift for our crazy exchange friend in Brazil. All will be revealed - eventually. And like Paula I have been doing a bit of bartering. I had donated a dinner for 4 to an auction (actually I donated 2 and have provided one. The gal who bought the second one really wanted a blanket, just like one I had made, donated and someone else bought. It was sooooo difficult (fleece applique) that I said 'sorry, no' but did say I would make her a throw if she liked. I got to choose the pattern, she chose the color(s). So that one is making its way to the head of the list. I'll keep you posted on that one, too.

In just 5 months (which will pass very quickly) 3 Dutch quilting friends are coming to Seattle. You are sure to be hearing more about that, too. Life is good!


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