Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

This lovely 22 lb-er served us all very well. You might even say she "gave her all", so to speak. But the left-overs left the house in a multitude of baggies, so everyone could enjoy the day after phenomenon. And life has pretty much returned to normal.

No photos to show yet, but working on a Christmas string pieced something (wall, table-top, not sure just what), a Christmas wreath made with 5" squares (stuffed and tied to a wreath as a base), adding borders to Bonnie Hunter's Christmas Lights mystery (from Quiltmaker magazine) and lurking as folks are beginning Bonnie's Carolina Christmas. Hmmmm. Such fun! Life is good.

1 comment:

kjquilts said...

Sounds like you are busy! Can't wait to see 'the string thing' and I've been looking at Bonnie's new quilt too.