Wednesday, April 28, 2010

end of April

No Quilty pictures - just so you know.

I have been trying to buy a car new-to-me (i.e. used). It was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but as they were driving it here a light on the dash went on. Yes, I realize that it is better that it happened before I took ownership, but it has meant that I still don't have the car. The dealer had to find the part in Portland, Or and have it shipped over-night and then install it. Something to do with an airbag light - which I'm told are notorious for malfunctioning. At the latest report, it is supposed to be arriving tomorrow about noon. I realize that this is partly my doing - I simply loathe dealing with car dealers and the shenanigans of 'I'm willing to pay X' - 'well, I'll run that past my finance manager', etc, etc. So this car is coming through a buying service. Even with their cost included I'm paying $2200 less than asking price. So I figure that is just fine. Here it is:
Pretty cute, huh? It's a Honda Fit, 2007. What made this one particularly good was that it can be towed behind the motorhome 4 down (with all 4 wheels on the ground - not on a trailer) and it is an automatic. In a city that is full of hills, that's the only way to go.

While I have been waiting for its arrival, I have had some time on my hands, so to speak. I have made 3 stars to send to my quilty girls from the Netherlands. We decided while they were here that we would make stars for each other, over the next several months. So I thought to get them done, but really shouldn't show you until they see them first. Also this morning, it seemed a good time to vacuum and attend to the dusting. It seems that the maid hasn't been coming regularly, so I needed to follow up and do those things. ;-> So my house is pretty tidy, stars are made - hmmmm, what's next?


Caroline said...

Yeah patience is hard. Love Jeroen. Do you think Saskia will like him? bye bye Caro (yeah forgot about the stars, I washed the note in the washing machine). Mail you for details.

ballardquilter said...

Thanks for the tour of Jeroen. He is handsome and zippy and does not mind in the least that he will spend his life following a woman.