Friday, April 9, 2010

Seattle Spring

The weather man reported last night that we were dryer and warmer in February than mid March to mid April. Go figure! I am ready for something that approaches a FULL day of at least partial sunshine. It was better yesterday (re sunshine) but with wind gusts of 45-55 mph, driving the RV to the service center was challenging - it kept pushing me out of my lane. Not fun at 60mph and big trucks on the highway! Yikes!

I am not having great success, so far, with trying to do some free-motion quilting on the Stars quilt for DD. My thread keeps shredding. This is a new needle, 90-14 but perhaps it isn't big enough. I've changed thread a couple of times. Now to try an even larger needle.

I can say, despite laughs to the contrary, I enjoy ironing and should probably do more of that this afternoon.

Somehow the site of a piece of fabric all crisp and smooth is very satisfying to me. I like my heavy iron. And a friend made me a 'big board' so it's perfect for quilt-type projects. I have a couple of friends who always are happy for me to be around, so I can do some ironing for them. It's lucky that I don't mind. One gal even said that she could hear me (in her head) saying - You really should iron those!

I came upon this the other day. It's from a course I took (when I was still working) that talked about leadership and "power". An interesting thought to ponder, me thinks.

Hope you're having a great week.

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