Sunday, May 2, 2010

Works in Progress

Well, the new-to-me car finally arrived on Thursday afternoon. It was quite a treat to have my own car and I managed to find a couple of errands to run with it - just to try it out! :-) Among other things I went to pick up my sewing machine which was BACK to the shop. After over a month in Jan-Feb, it went back after the quilt guild retreat as it quit working. The service notes said that they had to reset the bobbin case tension, reset the default pivot height and adjust the hook needle clearance. I guess these were enough to cause the general shut-down. Hmmmm. I really like many of the features on that machine, but this is way too often to head in for service.

As for projects:

I started to assemble this at the retreat. I have finished putting the squares together on point and adding the setting triangles. I'm happy with the white fabric I used for those - it seems to go well with the background white used in the squares within a square. Next will be adding the triangles for the corners and then start on borders. I did go out and purchase a couple of different blues to try out.

The other project is the bag pattern I bought at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in February - along with the requisite 6 fat quarters. Pretty nice.

The bag is completed in pieces. The pockets are sewn to the lining before it is all assembled. The handles are complete, so now it's time to put it all together. I have several other things to start next (including that baby quilt I mentioned and finishing up the quilting on DD's birthday quilt -last month)
Can you believe that it's May already? Yikes!

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Very pretty quilt!