Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What are you working on?

Caroline asked that question on the Crazy Exchange - so I thought I'd let you all see what I am working on.

CTA will begin a new training session and we have decided to have a little sewing project for the ladies to do (and allow us to see a bit of their skills), so I was making samples of an extremely simple burp cloth that Q.A. makes.
I'm not sure you can see, but simply take two pieces of flannel, sandwich them together with a consistent seam, clip the corners and turn them right side out (envelope) and if your topstitch is close enough to the edge you don't even have to hand sew the opening closed. "dead" easy! We did this last year with the Somali ladies to help them with sewing 'straight' seams.

This is the backing for DD's birthday quilt - Amalie's Log Cabin. I am hand quilting the stars as I have not done a perfect job. My bias edges, apparently, got away from me a bit. So as the Duch girls said, it is a bit hobbily bobbily. This way I am quilting the stars down and can do a quick machine edge to finish it off. It thought this quite a lovely fabric.

And finally I finished up a table runner, in tan and teal. I am quite enamoured with the color scheme so will make myself some blocks for a little table topper. [what the heck, why not?]

I learned that the latest family baby will be a boy, not a girl, for my younger nephew and wife. Good thing I didn't get anything pink started, heh? I guess the ultrasound was incorrectly predicting a girl, at first.

What are you working on?


Caroline said...

I'm busy washing my other antique quilt. Paco is laying on my feet, and feels very happy I'm back home. bye bye Caro

willemijn said...

Hobbily Bobbily! hihi... hi there Marne, it looks nice! I like the blocks you made with the white and blue.
Groetjes uit een regenachtig Nederland!
ps. Groetjes aan E.

Margaret said...

Thank you for my surprise. I put a picture or two up on the Crazy Exchange blog. I love it and have the runner on my table!