Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday at the Shop Hop

What a fun day! While we were not officially participating in the Shop Hop [i.e. not planning to make the official block] we had a very fun time visiting 3 shops. All the shops stock up especially for all of us who wander in - so it's such fun. And being Day #1 it wasn't quite so crowded as it will get later in the week-end.

Began our day at a marvelous shop called Shibori Dragon [scroll down on their web page and take a look at some of their magnificent asian fabrics. ] Sorry - I forgot I meant to take a picture, but you can see some of the wonderful things I found there,

Aren't they wonderful?

We then drove quite a few miles south to a very small town with a quilt shop I have heard about,
Gee Gee's

They are reputed to have more than 6000 bolts of fabric. I think it is true. Guess what? I did find a couple of things to bring home with me, but unlike Shibori I managed to find a few things that were in the 40% off room. Oh how nice!

Isn't this blue just crazy? No it is not out of focus, but they have printed it with a blue line just offset from the black, so it really seems to move when you see it up close. I'm excited to see how I can use it.

Finally we made it to Carriage Country Quilts on the way home. This is the favorite place of my Dutch quilting girls (see blogs from March). They have simply marvelous reproduction, civil war, homespuns - I would call them comfortable colors. I had more than sufficient fabric for one day, but did find a few patterns that called to me,

Wow! Lucky me! I have a few projects for the next several months, if not longer ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Love your patterns, they're so Carriage and Country shop, can imagine you walking around there.
bye bye Caro