Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre-Quilt Show

Quilter's Anonymous is the largest quilt guild in the state and our annual quilt show is something else.  We have over 400 quilts being shown this year.  Yesterday I did my requisite 4 hours of 'volunteering' by helping to hang quilts.  The venue is less than ideal - a county fairgrounds, but it has been the tradition for over 25 years.                                       
 Wouldn't you know that my camera batteries died, so there are only a few photos of the day, but here they are:

Of course, it is great fun to see the work of friends and other members of the guild.  This was in the morning.   In the afternoon I helped to hang the work of our Featured Artist, Maurine Roy.  She is known for her art quilts, almost all self-designed.
Utopia by Maurine Roy - 2nd Place
As we will be away this week-end, I will miss the show as a whole, but it was fun to have a little preview.

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