Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, 29 March

This is quite the significant date.  35 years ago my sweet son was born (how can he be so old when I'm not?)  So this is what I made for him (you've seen this before)

Bound, quilted and ready to go.  Just need to do a quickly label.  He and his wife are coming over for dinner tonight in celebration of that important date several years ago.  Fun!

Last week the phone rang and it was my 8 1/2yo grandson who said, "Nana, next week is spring break.  Can I come over?"  So we met up yesterday and he came here for a couple of days.  Yesterday it was a couple of park playgrounds while it was still dry and a new pair of sneakers with flashing lights on the front.  Today (in the rain) we have been sewing.  He chose the fabrics and Nana cut 5" squares.  I have a small table that has adjustable heights, so he was able to sit comfortably and sew.  And darn, he does it very well. 

Nana helped with batting and backing and now he has his own "lap" quilt.  Pretty cute, huh?

And lastly, today is my 4 year blog-o-versary.  Can you imagine - I can hardly believe it.   I'm sure that is deserving of some sort of recognition.  So if you leave me a comment, I'll randomly choose a name and find a worthwhile momento.  This is such fun, really, I should celebrate myself.  [perhaps a small piece of birthday cake for this doubly momentous day?]

Happy March 29.


Laura said...

What a wonderful celebratory day for you, Dear Heart! I hope you've made a great cake for dinner! ;)

Caroline said...

Congratulations Marne!!!!! Owen did a fantastic job!!! You must be very proud.
I hope you had a nice dinner. bye bye Caro

Shirley Riley said...

I say: Celebrate early and often. Glad you find reasons to do so on a regular basis.

SCC said...

Owen's quilt is very fine, indeed! It was fun to meet him. Hope the birthday dinner was good and that you also celebrated your blog-iversary. Alayne

Cybele's patch said...

Happy belated birthday to your big son.
Your grandson is really talented Marne. The quilt looks beautiful. You must be a proud nana.