Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Can You Believe it?

Had a terrific week-end with DD and her 3 precious little ones. We were in a "condo" at the ocean - about a 3+ hrs. drive from home. No TV, no telephone, no radio. Just the sound of the crashing surf and wind and us'nz. My son-in-law couldn't come, which was too bad, but DD said that she did enjoy just the change of pace. We shared meal planning and prep - quite easy.

The really funny thing that happened was asking my almost 7 y.o. granddaughter what she wanted for her birthday. Gracious - she wanted a pony (no!), 2 puppies (no!) a bird fountain for the yard (no!) and a quilt (easy "yes" from Nana). I asked if she knew what colors she wanted - thinking she would have no idea. She said, yes, she wanted blue and green and orange. [See photos below!]

All the troops are coming over on Sunday for a little family birthday party. So I will let Emma preview what I had put up on the design wall and see if this looks like what she wants. Can you believe it?

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Susan said...

I can believe she knew what colors, but it's amazing that you already had one going. Maybe she's a mind reader? Maybe you were subconsiously using her favorites? Who knows, but it will be perfect!